Visit Yakult (Masters only)

Lively LIFE-member,

Have you ever thought about your bowel movement and contemplated: this has room for improvement? I have, and Yakult has as well! We have organized a tour of the company Yakult. Yakult is a probiotics company, best known by their little pink bottles. The tour will include a presentation, a tour of the factory and a lecture! You are probably thinking: That sounds amazing, where can I sign up? You can do that via this link. First come first serve so sign up quick!

Yakult is a company founded by Japanese scientist Minoru Shirota that produces a fermented drink by the same name containing 6,5 billion probiotic micro-organisms. On Friday April 12th from 9:45 to 12:00 the excursion to Yakult takes place in Almere. Besides a tour around the factory, a lecture “Microbiota and probiotic intervention” will be given. We will gather at 7:20 at delft station and 7:45 at Leiden central, after which we will go to Yakult. If you travel back with us you will be in Delft around 14:20, however your journey back is up to you.

Hugs and kisses
Excursion committee ’18 – ‘19

ProPharma Workshop

ProPharma Workshop

On Tuesday the 19th of March, S.A. LIFE will organise the ProPharma Workshop! Sign-up with this link. Free dinner will be served.

ProPharma Group is a single source provider for regulatory compliance, pharmacovigilance, medical information and life science consulting services throughout the full development lifecycle for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies. On the 19th of March, we as LST students will become consultants for an evening! Learn what consultancy is, what different kinds of consultancy there are and if it is something for you.

We will start with a brief introduction about ProPharma Group and the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) world. After dinner, there will be a case study on medicine production. The case study will be performed in teams, and the conclusions will be shared at the end with the group. Dinner will be served at 17:30 and the evening will start at 18:00. Around 21:00 the evening will come to an end.



LIFE kent als studievereniging maar liefst drie disputen: groepen binnen LIFE die extra gezellige activiteiten met elkaar organiseren en ondernemen. Ben jij benieuwd naar wat de chicks van XX uitspoken met elkaar, hoe de heeren van Prion ooit op het idee van Brassen in Labjassen zijn gekomen, of wat de wilde plannen van L.S.D. Viraal zijn? Kom dan langs op de VERLENGDE borrel en leer de disputen der S.V. LIFE kennen!

Company Dinner

Company Dinner

This year we organise a new event called the company dinner! Multiple companies will join you during a dinner where you have plenty of time to find out everything the companies have to offer.

Every company will give a short presentation at the beginning, after which everyone will join with the companies at the table. Every course, the groups will switch so everyone gets the time to meet every company. At the end, there will be time to talk to the company of your choice to ask any more questions you still have or talk about internships or jobs. The joining companies will be Applikon, DSM and Batavia Biosciences!

The event will take place at the Boterhuis located in Delft on the 21st of February. Walk-in will start at 18:00 and the dinner will end around 21:00. The costs are €20,- per person, for which you will receive a starter, main course and dessert and three drinks per person. You can sign up using this link.

78e ALV der S.V. LIFE

78e ALV der S.V. LIFE

Op woensdag 20 februari vindt de 78e algemene ledenvergadering van S.V. LIFE plaats in de Kronigzaal in TNW-zuid in Delft. Tijdens deze ALV, de halfjaarlijkse-ALV, zal het afgelopen halve jaar geëvalueerd worden. Daarnaast zal de EjAccie het thema van het Aerschengala bekendmaken, zal de IntroCie het thema voor het Introweekend 2019 bekendmaken en zal de Almanakcie het thema van de nieuwe almanak bekendmaken. Kortom, veel nieuwtjes, dus wees erbij!

Tijdens de ALV zal er net als de vorige keren weer een pi22a-pauze zijn. Als je een pi22a wilt bestellen klik dan op deze link.

We verwachten dat de ALV niet te lang duurt en zullen na afloop Bar het LAb opengooien om nog even lekker een pilsje te drinken met elkaar.

We hopen je te zien op 20 februari!

International Dinner MaCo Delft

Are you curious for trying new foods from around the world? Do you enjoy cooking? Or simply, do you enjoy eating and having a good time with friends? If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, we’ve got something for you!

From the S.V. LIFE MaCo we’re excited to invite you to the “LST Master International Dinner”, that will take place on Wednesday the 13th of February in the TNW-Zuid building (building 58).

Bring a typical dish from your home country and make sure to enjoy all the food your other classmates will bring! Drinks will be provided.

If you are interested to participate in this event, fill out this form!