Coming May it is time for one of the biggest events organized by Study Association LIFE: the 8th edition of the Life Science Symposium with the name: “Immunotherapy: Enhancing the human defence system” . At this symposium international and national leaders in the field of immunotherapy will give informative talks on different subjects like using natural dendritic cellular vaccines to fight cancer, antibody based immunotherapy and stemcell biology in the Corpus Congress Centre in Leiden. Use this day to become familiar with all the ins and outs of immunotherapy and maybe even talk to one of the specialists in this field.

The Life Science Symposium on the 17th of May 2018 is open to all who are interested, but reduced ticket prices are available for LIFE members and other students. Check out our website to get your tickets. Also take a look at our website for more info about the program and the speakers, the committee and to take a look at the 7th edition of the Life Science Symposium.

The 8th Life Science Symposium: “Immunotherapy: Enhancing the human defence system”