Due to the measures imposed by the government regarding the corona virus, the Board of S.A. LIFE is already in urgent consultation with each other, supervisory institutions and universities. After thorough consultations with different institutions, the Board has made some decisions regarding the corona virus.

First of all, S.A. LIFE works conform to the measures and guide lines imposed by the government, RIVM, TU Delft and Leiden University. As a result, due to the current state of affairs, the Board is unfortunately forced to cancel/reschedule upcoming events of S.A. LIFE until March the 31st of 2020, until further notice. These events include:

– All drinks in March in both Bar het Lab and the Science Club
– Science Gala (13-03-2020)
– Science Career Event (18-03-2020)
– Lustrum Cantus (18-03-2020)
– Labcoat Party (18-03-2020)
– Family day (21-03-2020)
– Anthura lunch lecture (23-03-2020)
– Open Mic Night (30-03-2020)
– First year after exam lunch (31-03-2020)

Despite the fact that both offices in Leiden and Delft will be closed until March the 31st of 2020, the Board will remain operative.

In addition, the Board refers to the web pages below that contain official statements and current updates from the TU Delft and Leiden University, regarding the corona virus:

TU Delft

Leiden University

At this time the Board cannot make any concrete statements about other upcoming events. In early April, the Board will evaluate the status of future events, based on the situation at that time.

For any questions regarding the policy of S.A. LIFE concerning the corona virus, reach out to bestuur@svlife.nl.

Corona virus