Career Events

Speedmeeting with Companies

Every year in October/November, S.V. LIFE hosts Speedmeeting with Companies at the Faculty of Applied Sciences in Delft. During this event, representatives of companies in the broad field of the life sciences will give short presentations about their companies and their respective functions. This year we are joined by Patheon, Genmab, OGD and SkylineDx.


Five times a year S.V. LIFE visits a variety of companies and institutes in the Netherlands with a group of 30 students, varying from f.e. Sanquin Plasma Products, Nsure, BaseClear, DuPont to Wetsus and VUmc. During these excursions the students learn about the broad range of career possibilities they have as Life, Science & Technology students.

LGO Masters & Alumni Career Night

Every year LIFE and the LIFE Goes On alumni committee organize a career night where former LST students get in touch with current LST students. During this evening, several LST alumni working in different fields of the life sciences will give pitches about their career.

Lunch Lecture 

A first look into a company and for a company into our students is granted during the multiple lunch lectures S.V. LIFE organises. Companies get the opportunity to give a presentation of 30 minutes followed by a Q&A of 15 minutes and the audience of Life Science & Technology students can be specified for the company.

Case Evening

Several times a year S.V. LIFE collaborates with companies such as Xendo and Gupta Strategists to organize an case evening for 3rd year bachelor students and master students.

CDL & LIFE Career Evening

The CDL & LIFE Career Evening is a collaboration of S.V. LIFE with Chemisch Dispuut Leiden where several companies (previous edition: ExxonMobil, Gupta Strategists and Genmab) give  presentations for an audience  consisting of 3rd year bachelor students and master students in Life Science & Technology and Chemistry followed by networking drinks.


S.V. LIFE organizes two annual studytrips, the bachelortrip and the first year studytrip and one biennial studytrip, the mastertrip. In april the bachelor and first year studytrip took place and had Milan, Munich & Heidelberg and Cologne as the respective destinations. The Mastertrip leaves this summer and will go to Boston and Toronto.  For more information please visit:

8th Life Science Symposium  

On May 17th  2018 S.V. LIFE organizes their 8th Life Science symposium with the theme ‘Immunotherapy – Enhancing the human defence system‘ and with i.a. Ton Schumacher (Principle Investigator NKI) & Nissim Benvenisty (PI department of genetics, hebrew university of Jerusalem) as speakers. This symposium gets over 300 visitors ranging from professors, students and employees in this research area (Venue: Corpus, Leiden, the Netherlands). For more information check the website.

Applied Sciences Connect

Since we have moved to our new building in Delft together with the Study Associations Technologisch Gezelschap and S.V.N.B. Hooke, we have joined forces together with VvTP and started a new career event, Applied Sciences Connect. On the 14th of June, a variety of companies active in the field of Biophysics, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Life Sciences presented themselves and showed what it means to work within the field of Applied Sciences to the students of the Faculty of Applied Sciences. During this evening the attendees could participate in workshops & presentations by companies and visit the exhibition floor. You can follow our LinkedIN-page for more information on the event or visit the website.