Freshmen Study Trip

Vereniging - Lagelandenreis - Foto 13Every year the Lagelandenreiscommissie, the LaLacie, organizes a splendid trip for all the freshmen members of LIFE to Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany or the Netherlands. The location is picked on the basis of the disciplines from the universities and companies. Via this way many interesting cities have been visited that have a lot in common with Life Science & Technology. The committee puts together a 3-day trip with a defiant program at the level of Life Science & Technology freshmen. Due to this the students immediately get in contact with the scientific world in different cities and see how work is carried out by institutions and companies where they could possibly work in the future.

Bachelor Study Trip

The bachelor trip – together with the symposium and master trip – is one of the biggest events of S.A. LIFE. Visiting companies and institutes in the social, scientific and academic sector are held dear during the trip. The committee that organizes the bachelor trip begins before the summer holiday to realize the next trip in April the coming academic year. The trip lasts approximately ten days and is open for twenty-nine bachelor students and a supervisor. Usually two cities are visited during the trip to create a challenging and diverse program embodying all the highlights of each city. In the past years institutes like CERN and CEITEC have been visited, but also companies like DSM Basel and Boehringer Ingelheim and Universities such as Cambridge.

Master Study Trip 

Vereniging - Masterreis - Foto 3Bi-yearly the master trip committee organizes an intercontinental study trip especially for students from both the master programme Life Science & Technology from Leiden University and Delft University of Technology. During the trip many interesting companies and institutes in the field of Life Sciences are visited. Students are offered the possibility to get a taste of the work environment within a completely other culture and to meet potential employers. To make the trip financially attractive all the students carry out a case study, before the study trip, at a company or institute in the Netherlands.

In the past, many successful trips have been organized to Brasil, China, America and Australia. In 2013 the master trip committe put together a very successful and inspiring trip to South Korea and Japan. During two-and-a-half weeks Seoul, Kyoto and Tokio have been visited, with many visits at eminent companies and institutes. February 29 in 2015, master students and a scientific staff member of Delft University of Technology went on a master trip to California where they visited companies like Genentech and Genomatica, but also paid a visit to for example CalTech. More information about these study trips and ambiance can be read and seen in the final report available at the office of S.A. LIFE.