EjAccie Game Night

Lieve eerstejaars,
Onze eerste online activiteit staat op de planning! Helaas kunnen activiteiten op de campus nog niet doorgaan, daarom zijn wij druk bezig met het regelen van leuke alternatieven. Hopelijk hebben jullie de datum 7 december nog vrij staan in je agenda, want op die datum zullen wij een gezellige spelletjes avond organiseren. Wil jij een gezellige avond hebben en je mede eerstejaars beter leren kennen? Schrijf je dan in voor 7 december om 20:00 via deze google form (https://tinyurl.com/y3smjhvx)!
EjAccie ’20-’21

Alumni Career Event

If you haven’t enrolled for the #LSTcareerevent!, do so quickly!
Are you a #masterstudent or almost done with your Bsc LST and considering the first #career steps?
Enroll for the ONLINE #LSTcareerevent!

This year starring LST alumni Folkert Kan, Mandy Hulst, Marlize van Breugel, Xavier Hakkaart, Tom van Rens and Robert de Jonge

When: December 1st, 20.00
How: Zoom (pitches), Gather (virtual drinks)
Price: FREE

6 alumni will give a pitch about their career path, choices they made, and barriers they encountered.
Pitches will be followed by virtual drinks in #Gather where you will have the opportunity to ask questions.

Sign up for the event via the following link:

Excursion Solar foods

LIFE is organizing an online excursion to Solar foods on November 30th. Solar foods is a Finnish food-tech startup that develops the revolutionary biotech solution Solein for the global food industry. The unique yet natural bioprocess of Solein, produced by using air and electricity, provides a new platform technology for nutritious food ingredients, plant-based meat alternatives, or even cultured meat.

The excursion will take place from 14:00-15:00 on Microsoft Teams/Zoom. It consists of a presentation followed by a Q&A and a tour of the labs. Are you interested? Then register via this google for: https://forms.gle/X5PHkJrvoLpbgcvu7 !

The ExcurCie ’20-’21

Opt-in Vision of LIFE

A few weeks ago, you received the Vision – the magazine of LIFE with reports of activities, interviews, LST-related news and much more. Although many love to read the Vision, we’ve noticed this isn’t true for everyone. This sometimes results in the Vision ending up in the trashcan unopened. That is why, to fight against this waste, we have decided to only send the Vision to students who actually want to read it! First year students will receive the Vision nonetheless, so they don’t have to fill in this form. The Vision will remain available for free!

Via this link you can indicate you want to receive the Vision: https://forms.gle/KEjvtFDuuaeEUzsY9

Lunchlecture Dealmaking in Biotechnology – Wouter Verhoeven

















Do you have interest in the financial side of biotechnology? Or do you want to know what is needed to get funding for your startup? Wouter Verhoeven, Chief Business Officer at NBE therapeutics, will tell you everything about dealmaking in biotechnology. Wouter has over 15 years experience in the field of biotechnology and has been involved in a lot of funding rounds and merger deals. The lunch lecture will take place on the 23th of November from 12h30-13h15. The lunch lecture takes place on Zoom. Register now and have the chance to win a laptop stand! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCNGW-1EUK7aMIJpxepRsR5dLTM1-q_8BSJ2Ew8z_xPsokwQ/viewform