On June 12th 2020 the fourth edition of the Fermentation festival will take place! The festival will be
organised by S.A. LIFE in cooperation with X TU Delft and will take place on the premises of X. With
the Fermentation Festival we give you the opportunity to brew your own specialty beer under the
supervision of city brewery de Koperen Kat! Did you always want to make your own recipe and brew
your own beer with friends, family, roommates or colleagues? Then sign in!

Your team should consist of 2-6 people and you register your team as participant, instead of
participating per person. De costs of the registration will be €20 per team and once the registration
fee has been paid, the registration will be final. Since the capacity of X for hosting the Festival are
limited, only 50 teams can participate, so register fast once the registrations are open on February
10 th ! People who register after the limit of 50 teams has been reached, will be placed on a waiting
list. After the registration the teams will receive an email with further information about the recipe, a
sales plan of the beer, the payment of the registration fee and a brewing crash course organised by
de Koperen Kat.
A link to the registrations is placed here and will become active on February 10 th !

Brewing crash course
This year a brewing crash course will be organised in the brewery of de Koperen Kat, in which real
brewers will explain the brewing process, the needed ingredients and give some information about
the hygiene of the brewery kit to prevent infections of the beer. Since de Koperen Kat has no
accommodation to host 100 people at once, the crash course will be given in two separate sessions,
with each half of the participating teams. The first crash course will be held at March 12 th at 20:00 h
and the second at March 20 th at 17:00 h at the brewery of de Koperen Kat. Once the registration is
complete, the teams will receive an email with information about the session in which you have been
placed. To ensure all teams receive the information it is obligatory to be present at the course with at
least two team members. Immediately after the course, there will be drinks at de Koperen Kat to
have the opportunity to get to know the other teams!

Fermentation Festival
During the Fermenation Festival you and your team will present your own home brewed beer to ca.
500 visitors who will taste the beers while enjoying some live music. The beer will also be tasted and
judged by a jury, who will select a winner from all 50 home brewed beers. The winning beer will be
made in a volume of 1000L by de Koperen Kat and will be sold to shops, bars on the campus and at
the brewery of de Koperen Kat itself!