Every other year S.A. LIFE organizes a grand Life Science Symposium, where close to 350 students and scientific staff members come together to listen to world renowned speakers. Within LIFE, the Life Science Symposium is one of the most prominent and diverse events, organized by students themselves. It is therefore that students, professors and teachers within our field think highly of our symposia.

This year, the 11th Life Science Symposium will take place on the 14th of May. It will take place in Theater de Veste, and the subject will be Altering evolution: taking the future in our own hands. Top-of-the-field academics and researchers will delve into techniques and strategies to shape the evolution process, shedding light on how these interventions can enhance life and various processes. During the day, a diverse array of topics will be covered, including the use of bacteriophages to counter antibiotics resistance. you can visit the website or the Instagram.

The themes of the symposia mainly focus on fundamental life sciences or applied biotechnology, and are therefore strongly related to the study program Life Science & Technology. Themes of past symposiums have been: Immunotherapy – Enhancing the Human Defense SystemFrom Waste to Resource – Biotechnology for a Circular Economy and last year’s theme was: Sailing away from one-size-fits-all: Technological Developments in Personalised Medicine.

Do you want to know more about this and other symposia? Please look at our website for more information.