Lunch lecture iGEM Leiden

Lunch lecture iGEM Leiden
LocatieGorlaeus Leiden
Datumdonderdag 28 oktober 2021

On Friday 28 october 13.00 the second lunch lecture of this year will be in room 2 of the Gorlaeus building in Leiden. Last time it was the iGEM team from Delft, but this time it will be the team from Leiden! A big challenge in synthetic biology is the restriction of the spread of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) outside of the laboratory. To solve this problem, iGEM Leiden designed an open-source, standardised, modular and widely applicable Safe-by-Design biocontainment system for these GMOs. With their Double Plasmid Lock (DOPL LOCK) they strive to stimulate innovations in the field of biosafety and to accelerate the field of synthetic biology. Lunch is for free so sign up at!

If you sign up we count on you for the lunch. If you cannot be there, make sure you communicate this with the board.