Excursion Planet B.io

Excursion Planet B.io
LocatieBiotech Campus, Delft
Datumdinsdag 8 maart 2022

Dear LST-students, 

On March 8th the Excurcie has organized a tour to Planet B.io, located on the Biotech Campus Delft!

Planet B.io is the open innovation hub for industrial biotechnology. They are a non-for-profit organization, providing the facilities and ecosystem to support the growth of start-ups and scale-ups. The two companies we will visit are Meatable and Nostics. Meatable is pioneering a way of producing real meat in a sustainable and harm-free way. Their technology is based in cell culturing. Nostics is developing technology for accessible, fast and reliable diagnostics. For example, for fast COVID-19 testing, but also for identification of bacterial species, combining Raman Spectroscopy and Machine Learning algorithms. The excursion willl start at 16.00, but due to registration matters, we have to be there between 15.30 and 15.45. The excursion itself will last until 18.00 with free drinks afterwards! 

PS: you should wear a suit and a LIFE-tie (for men) or a LIFE-pin (for women). If you do not have one yet, please come by one of our hubs in Leiden or Delft to buy one. (Tie: €8,94 / Pin: €1,57)