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Drinks Bar het Lab - Shifts 1 & 2 INFO

Drinks Bar het Lab - Shifts 1 & 2 INFO
Datumwoensdag 22 september 2021

Enrollment opens monday 10:00

Shift 1 - 16:15 - 16:30 uur entrance, 17:40 - 17:55 uur leaving

Shift 2 - 17:45 - 18:00 uur entrance, 19:20 - 19:30 uur leaving. 

Enrolling for the drinks is only done on the dutch website


The wednesday drinks at Bar het Lab can start again! The liberisation will only take place starting from the 25th, so this drinks will look a little different than the ones in the near future. At entry, you'll be asked to scann a verified QR-code in the Corona-check app, next to a identification card. If you have corona-related symptoms we ask you to cancel the drinks (get in contact with the board). 

Don't be greedy and only enroll for one of the two shifts.

What will the drink session look like? 

During the whole drinks-session you will be seated at a designated seat (with the exceptance of a toilet break). The bar personell will bring any orders to your table like you are familiar in other cafés. Consumption of drinks will be measured using a turfing system, which will be payed by one member of the table at the end. If you are not seated, you are wearing a facemask. 

There are 6 tables of 4 people + 3 seats at the bar. Any bagage (bag, jacket, etc.) are taken to your seat. The tables will be cleaned after your visit for the next shift. Since the bar can only open under strict regulations, we sincerely ask you to listen closesly to any instructions given by the bar personel so the bar can stay open in the future.