iGem Delft Lunch Lecture

iGem Delft Lunch Lecture
Datumwoensdag 16 november 2022

You may have heard of iGEM before: it is the world's largest competition for synthetic biology. This year more than 350 student teams from around the world developed projects to take part in iGEM, tackling a wide range of issues like plastic pollution, crop disease, and cancer diagnosis. The TU Delft iGEM team just got back from Paris, where they presented their project: a bioelectronic sensor to detect GHB in drinks. They want to tell you all about synthetic biology, what it's like to participate in iGEM, and how their project went. So if you're interested, sign up for the free lunch lecture on November 16th! The lecture will take place during the lunch (12.45-13.45) in the Franklin room at applied sciences.

If you sign up we count on you for the lunch. If you cannot be there, make sure you communicate this with the board.