S.A. LIFE encourages students to unlock their full student life potential. Hence LIFE organizes many social, educative and career-oriented activities throughout the year: drinks, parties, lunch lectures, study trips, symposia, et cetera. These events bring along an extensive financial administration.


If you have any questions regarding LIFE’s financial affairs, please reach out to our Quaestor.

For Companies

Please find the invoice requirements for study association LIFE and foundation LIFE below. When preparing a quotation, please state the name of a current board member.

For Members

Study books are an essential yet expensive part of the Life Science & Technology study program. In cooperation with Studystore, LIFE offers her members a discount for LST study books. Find your books on the Studystore website.

Besides educational support, LIFE offers a lot of conviviality at the faculties. Here, you can buy LIFE-merchandise like sweaters and ties, as well as study-related items like organic chemistry notebooks. Visit us to collect your merchandise!


Are you a LIFE member and have you made costs for LIFE, for instance for an activity? Download the reimbursement form below to receive the money from LIFE within 30 days.

Billing instructions

  1. Download the declaration form.
  2. Fill in the form, activity and expenditure clearly stated.
  3. Scan your receipt(s).
  4. Combine the declaration form and your receipt(s). You can obtain this through the use of online programs such as: www.combinepdf.com
  5. Check whether the voucher is properly included in your form.
  6. Send the form as a PDF to quaestor@svlife.nl

For Alumni and LIFE enthusiasts

Are you an LST-alumnus but wish to stay involved with LIFE, or simply wish to support LIFE financially? You may want to register as a benefactor of LIFE. This is possible starting at €25,- a year, with the possibility to continue receiving the Vision of LIFE and/or the yearbook. The donation will be collected by direct debit in May. Please find the different options below; send the form to quaestor@svlife.nl to become benefactor!