Education is of course one of the important aspects of a study association, which is why one of the Board members focuses on this aspect, the Commissioner of Bachelor Education. This person is closely involved in the education of the program and is the first point of contact for students for both comments and improvements regarding the education of our bachelor.

The Commissioner for Education Bachelor is in close contact with the education team of the bachelor of Life Science & Technology and is involved in, among other things, evaluations, tutoring, mentorship, book sales and the education committee.

Do you have questions about any of the aforementioned topics or another education-related topic? Feel free to send a message or email!

Study material

S.A. LIFE provides the study material of our (freshmen)students. Besides that you can buy your books from us (both freshmen and seniors!) via this page, we also provide the rest of the study material. Every year, S.A. LIFE  organizes the “lab coat fitting days”. On these days you can get your lab coat and lab goggles, register with S.A. LIFE if you have not already done so, view our merchandise and receive a package from the KNCV upon registration!


Problems with a certain subject and need for tutoring? This is possible! S.A. LIFE offers an extra option to get help with subjects. If you have difficulties with a subject, please pass this on to your mentor or the Commissioner of Bachelor Education. If there is enough interest, tutoring will be organized that exactly matches the material and where (some) practice exam questions are discussed. Interested in helping students with difficult subjects? Please also contact us.

Course evaluations

Education is an important aspect of a study association. S.A. LIFE guarantees the quality of education by organizing evaluations, among other things. For example, after each period there are oral evaluation meetings for each cohort. These are organized after the lectures during the breaks, led by the Commissioner of Bachelor Education and the lecturers of the given subjects are encouraged to attend. If you cannot be present at such a meeting, or if you have any other comments, you can always let us know!


There are a lot of interesting minor educations available in both Leiden and Delft, but also outside of these universities. Below you can download the guide that puts together different experiences of students who have done different minors themselves in previous years. These experiences allow you to see how older Life Science & Technology students experienced their minor education. Have you done a minor yourself, and want share your experiences, please fill out this form.

BEP/MEP information

At the end of your bachelor and master degree you will have to do a bachelor end project (BEP) and master end project (MEP). Are you curious at the different research groups you can do an internship at, then have a look at the BEP/MEP guide of LIFE containing experiences of many LST-students.