Master education is ofcourse one of the important aspects of a study association, which is why one of the Board members focuses on this aspect, the Commissioner of Master Education. This person is closely involved in the education of the two master programs and is the first point of contact for students for both comments and improvements regarding the education of our masters.

The Commissioner of Master Education is involved in, among other things, evaluations, both education committees, activities for master students and alumni.

Do you have questions about any of the aforementioned topics or other study related topics? Feel free to send a message or email!

Master information

S.A. LIFE is responsible for two master programs; Life Science & Technology at Leiden University and Life Science & Technology at TU Delft. The Commissioner of Master Education helps by improving the education by attending the education committee meetings for both master programs. Do you want to follow the LST master in Leiden or Delft? See the website of Leiden University or TU Delft for more information! You can also ask your questions to the Commissioner of Master Education or the study advisor.

You can also follow a lot of other masters with a bachelor LST. To provide a informative overview of possible masters, S.A. LIFE offers a master guide to show which masters you can follow with an LST bachelor and what you need to do before entering this master. For some of these masters, there are also student experiences present. You can find the master guide below.

Student ambassadors Master LST TU Delft

Within the LST master at the TU Delft, there is a choice between three specializations. Each comes with its own set of three compulsory courses. As students often do not have a clear idea of which specialization best suits their personal interests, each specialization has their own ‘student ambassador.’ These are master students who you can reach out to with all your questions regarding the courses/content/focus and of course their own experience in their own specialization. Reach out to them via mail.

If you have more general questions, you can always reach out to the academic counsellor at

Furthermore, you can consult the general information page of the master and those of the three specializations: BiocatalysisBiochemical Engineering en Cell Factory.

Membership for master students

If you are going to study the master LST next year, you can become a member of S.A. LIFE. If you did the bachelor LST and you are already a member, your membership is still active during your master. If you are not yet a member of S.A. LIFE, you can become a member on the introduction day or master kick-off day in the first week of the academic year. If you missed this day or if you want to become a member of S.A. LIFE, you can also fill in the registration form below and mail this to the Commissioner of Master Education. The membership costs a one-off 15 euros, after which you are a member of S.A. LIFE during your whole master.

Note: if you follow the Chemistry master or if you are an international student and studying the LST master in Delft, you can become a member for free!

Course evaluations

S.A. LIFE helps to improve the quality of the education of both masters. In collaboration with the education team, S.A. LIFE organizes an evaluation lunch every period to gather your opinions and feedback regarding the education and courses. It is very important to join these sessions so your opinion will be heard. If you have questions about the master program, courses or education you can join this evaluation lunches or you can send a mail to the Commissioner of Master Education.

In Leiden, the Commissioner of Master Education together with the Assessor Education from Chemisch Dispuut Leiden (CDL) organise an evaluation lunch every period. During this evaluation lunches, there is free lunch and there are no teachers or employees from the university present. So you can say anything about the education or the courses. We make minutes during these meetings and discuss these in the education committee meetings. The education team will then improve the education with the help of your feedback.

In Delft, the education team organizes the evaluation lunches and the Commissioner of Master Education makes notes during these sessions. During these sessions, there are free muffins and the teachers are present to give answers on the feedback from the students. This evaluation is very personal because you can give your feedback directly to the teacher and the teacher can respond and take care of your feedback. The minutes from these evaluation lunches will also be discussed in the education committee meetings and the education team will improve the education with the help of your feedback.