Lunch Lecture: Entrepeneurship in the Life Sciences


We have reached the last lunch lecture of this year! On June 8th from 12:00-12:45 we welcome two LST students to teach us something about entrepeneurship in the life sciences sector. Fabian Mulder, Chairman of Lugus (Student Entrepeneurship Association Leiden) and Eugene Golov (CEO Rapidemic, formerly IGEM Leiden) will take you through the steps that are needed to begin a startup using their own experience. Read more about Lugus and Rapidemic below and sign up using this link.

About Rapidemic

Rapidemic stands for easy, accessible and accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases. We are working on the development of a novel rapid, point-of-care diagnostic device. A visible color change tells a patient whether they have been infected with a specific pathogen in less than two hours. Rapidemic’s unique molecular technology help bring lab-grade diagnostic sensitivity into the field. Rapidemic originated as a student team from Leiden participating in the iGEM competition, and is now developing as a start-up in the Leiden Bio Science Park.

About Lugus

Lugus Leiden is the student entrepreneur society of Leiden. We invite students to be part of a motivated community that is eager to invest in their own education. We support our members in finding investors, connecting with potential co-founders Lugus and many aspects of business development. This all centers around bringing like-minded people together, with the aim of sharing experience and insights.

We offer workshops, network-gatherings and expert talks on Thursdays. Suited for attendants with, and without a concrete idea. Note that we have a long standing history in guiding Biotech startups. We welcome you to visit our inspiring office at the PLNT innovation centre, or contact us via: