Lunch lecture Gupta Strategists

Working at Gupta Strategists: strategy consultancy in the healthcare sector

After a successful joined lunch lecture in January, we are collaborating again with CDL to organise a lecture for you. This time LST-alumnus Folkert Kan will tell us all about working at Gupta Strategists. Gupta Strategists is a renowned consultancy company for organisations in the healthcare sector. The work at this consultancy firm varies enormously. They advise about strategic issues, come up with innovative ideas and implement new strategies. Among the clients of Gupta Strategists are hospitals, health insurers and patient organisations. Are you curious about the possibilities for your future at Gupta? Then join us at the online lecture on the 8th of March from 12:30 to 13:15. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with a delicious lunch, but instead you will have the chance to win a Fitbit! You can subscribe for the lecture using this link . See you there!