Open days TU Delft

Are you interested in one of our programmes and do you want to know what this programme is all about? Or would you like to compare two programmes? TU Delft regularly organises open days. These open days will be organised for pupils in years 4, 5 and 6 of pre-university education (vwo).

The next Bachelor Online Open Day takes place on 16 and 19 October 2020. Form the end of September you will find on this page more information about the definitive programme of the Online Open Day.
If you would like to be informed about the programme of the online open day, please visit this page regularly:

Delft University of Technology offers four English taught Bachelor’s programmes: Aerospace Engineering, Applied Earth Sciences, Computer Science & Engineering and Nanobiology.
If you would like to what it is like to study one of the programmes, please apply for the online introduction to your future study here: