About LIFE

After a long and tight collaboration between Delft University of Technology and Leiden University a new educational programme was started in 1999, called: Life Science & Technology (LST). During that year the study association for LST students, S.A. LIFE, was also founded and started organizing activities for her members. The association was led by a few Chemical Engineering students from Delft and Chemistry students from Leiden. Starting with 30 members, among them were all the then current LST students and a few extraordinary members, the first drinks, excursions and activities for the freshmen were organized. For the new freshmen an introductionary weekend was organized in the summer of 2000, to show what the life of a LST student was like.

After a year the time came for the association to be led by real Life Science & Technology students. On September 11th 2000 the first active members were constituted as board members to, besides studying, keep LIFE functioning. Since December 13th 2000 the board completely consisted of LST students. From this moment onward the association grew, a lot of committees were brought to life who in turn organized a lot of great activities. This led to countless drinks and parties, multiple barbecues and lunches, but also study trips to the USA, Germany & Switzerland, Great Britain, Australia, South Korea & Japan and Denmark.

Nowadays LIFE may call itself a fully-fledged study association. The association might not be the biggest one yet, but it continues to grow. Under the control and supervision of a 5-headed board the association has a lot to offer for her students. There are regularly organized educational activities, sometimes together with sister associations in Leiden or Delft; weekly drinks in Leiden and Delft; study related lectures and excursions to companies; study trips abroad; a two-monthly magazine; a day for parents; a year book and a lot more. All these activities are organized by committees which are formed out of more than 600 members and guided by the current board of S.A. LIFE.

Besides all these ‘relaxing and broadening’ activities LIFE also organizes a book sale and the sale of lab equipment, such as a lab coats. LIFE also safeguards the quality and the educational feasibility of Life Science & Technology and also provides collections of old exams. Furthermore LIFE publishes guides with reviews of internships and minors for her students.