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LIC council: a call for participation

All employees and students of the LIC are represented by the LIC council (from here on, Instituutsraad or iRaad) that plays an important advisory role within the LIC. Among others, the iRaad represents a means of communication between the WD and LIC stakeholders that are not represented in the WERA (Scientific Council). Its advisory role concerns, besides budget planning, reorganization plans, structural co-operations with external partners, the appointment of a new Scientific Director (WD), all matters concerning LIC-employees and students.

The iRaad meets at least three times a year, although it can also be convoked more frequently by its members or the WD if they want to discuss particular topics. Its twelve members are elected for a fixed term, of one (PhD and students) or two years, that are selected from the four main categories of stakeholders to cover the diversity of tasks and interests within the LIC: 4 scientific staff members, 4 non-scientific staff members, 2 PhD student and 2 student members.

The iRaad is seeking a new student member.

The new iRaad will be installed on September 1, 2021. If you are keen to represent fellow employees/students and join the LIC council, please address your interest to Agur Sevink (a.sevink@chem.leidenuniv.nlbefore the 29th of June. Elections will be organised if the number of candidates in a category exceeds the number of available positions in that category. Note that voting will take place according to the category by which you are represented.

For comments, questions or suggestions about matters concerning the LIC, please feel free to contact the LIC council at:, or direct your message personally to Celine Jilesen, the current student member of the LIC council. Further details and the composition of the LIC council can be found here:


With regards on behalf of the LIC council,

Celine Jilesen