Studievereniging LIFE wordt ondersteund door het Comité van Aanbeveling. Dit Comité geeft advies bij het organiseren van excursies (naar het buitenland), studiereizen, symposia en bij het verstrekken van contacten. De volgende personen zijn de leden van het Comité van Aanbeveling:



Nostics develops accessible diagnostics test kits that are fast, reliable, and can be used at the point of need. We combine nanotech, photonics, and AI-powered classification, thereby improving patients' health, saving lives, decreasing the use of antibiotics, and improving access to lifesaving treatment. 

Millions are unable to get access to medical diagnostics because tests are expensive, lab-based and slow. This causes that infectious diseases are often treated blindly and generically, without the data to support it. Antimicrobial Resistance is rising due to over-use and misuse, when accurate diagnostics are missing, fueling the growth of resistant bacterial infections. 

Nostics' novel platform technology, based on Nobel prize winning phonics technology and AI, powers its mission to provide data driven, accessible diagnostics for all, within minutes before any antimicrobial is prescribed. Battery operated, dust, temperature, and shock resistant, the platform is made to be used in the most remote locations.

If you are interested to join our mission, please find our website at: Nostics




Patent Attorney?

As a Patent Attorney, you work on the intersection of technology, business, and law. You play a vital role in protecting the intellectual property rights of your clients. The technical experience you have gained at the Delft University of Technology will be used in a very wide range of technological fields. As a result, every day is different, and you constantly learn about new technologies and industries.

Patent law is an intellectually challenging field that requires you to think critically and analytically. You would be responsible for conducting patent searches, drafting patent applications, and providing legal advice to clients.


How do you get there?

If you have a degree at university level in science or technology,  a 3-year legal follow-up course will train you as a patent attorney. You will then become an advisor on patents within your own technical discipline. You will advise inventors about the ways of protecting know-how, products and ideas and will conduct the procedures for securing and maintaining the desired protection.

As a patent attorney, you can develop into a professional in the field of your technical specialty. You can decide in private practice at a patent attorney firm, or you can work in industry at a technical company. Visit our Website or Add us on Linkedin




Van Lanschot Kempen is specialized in the future since 1737, which set us to be the oldest independent financial institute in the Netherlands. Today, our story continues. As an independent wealth management house, we use our knowledge of money and capital markets to never stop looking for new ways to find the best possible solutions for our private, institutional and corporate clients. Change is what drives us. That is why we are constantly in motion and embrace change as the major constant in everything we do. We are proud of our history and are excited for the future of our Private Banking & Wealth Management, Professional Solutions, Investment Management and Investment Banking. To work in a sustainable and future-oriented way, inclusion and diversity are essential. A highly inclusive and diverse workforce helps to drive business performance and innovation, workforce agility and resilience, as well as positive social and environmental impact. It is our ambition for the inflow of each department to be more diverse than the outflow. For example, if an employee leaves or more headcount becomes available, we aim to increase diversity by hiring someone who brings something new to the team. Whether that’s gender, age, nationality, background or anything else.


In addition, our purpose is to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders in a way that contributes to sustainable solutions to the most pressing global challenges. We believe that preserving and growing wealth in a sustainable way is a peoples job. To help us achieve our goal, we are looking for candidates with excellent analytical skills, as well as a proactive attitude. We always require our analysts to confront
challenges, and interns are no exceptions. Are you independent and resourceful? If you feel that you are a good match, apply to any of our internships.






Rijk Zwaan is an international family company with a people-oriented culture. Our company is right at the start of the food chain. We develop vegetable varieties and sell the seeds
produced from them globally. We have a long-term focus, which is why we offer our employees a permanent contract as soon as they join us. From our strategic position we
contribute to the health and well-being of people all over the world. Everything we do is about growth. The growth of natural products that we export around the world. The growth of
our company, which currently employs over 3,000 people in more than 30 countries. And above all the growth of our people: we give you every opportunity to use your own initiative
and achieve your full potential. Working with colleagues to produce the best and tastiest vegetables. Reinforcing, helping and inspiring one another. That’s how we want to continuously work together towards a healthy future.


Our rapidly expanding company offers plenty of opportunities to work on your personal and professional development. We provide numerous options for training and learning through
our own RZ Academy and we facilitate tailor-made traineeships, internships and research projects. Due to our large investments in high-tech developments, we are looking for new
colleagues with a background in (Technical) Informatics, Applied Sciences, Business Information Management / Technology, Computer Science / Engineering or Business
Analytics. Besides, we have challenging opportunities for students with a background in Bioinformatics, (Cell) Biology and Biochemistry.

If you have sustainable and international ambitions, you’ve come to the right place at
Rijk Zwaan.



Seed Valley is wereldwijd hét centrum voor plantenveredeling en zaadtechnologie, gelegen in Noord-Holland. Tientallen bedrijven werken dagelijks aan de ontwikkeling van nieuwe groenten- en bloemenrassen. Hier worden gewassen ontwikkeld die o.a. een hogere opbrengst geven, resistent zijn tegen ziektes of lekkerder smaken. En dat met zo min mogelijk gebruik van ruimte, energie en water. 

Werken binnen Seed Valley betekent werken in een toekomstgerichte sector die zich inzet voor de vermindering van het wereldwijde voedselprobleem. In Nederland werken er ruim 3500 medewerkers in Seed Valley met diverse opleidingsniveaus en vakgebieden. Zo werken er mensen in de veredeling, technologie, HR of productie. Daarbij komen er elk jaar zo’n 300 vacatures beschikbaar bij de bedrijven. 

Wil je meer weten over Seed Valley? Kijk dan op of en ontdek waar jouw kansen liggen binnen deze boeiende sector. 





Hieronder een stuk tekst over de KNCV:

De Koninklijke Nederlandse Chemische Vereniging (KNCV) bestaat al sinds 1903 en is dé belangenbehartiger van de chemie, life sciences en procestechnologie in Nederland. Onze 8.500 leden zijn dag in, dag uit bezig om de variëteit en rijkdom van het moleculaire vakgebied tot leven te brengen. Onze leden zijn werkzaam in het bedrijfsleven, onderwijs en overheid of studeren aan één van de universiteiten en hogescholen in Nederland.

De chemie draagt in belangrijke mate bij aan onze sociale en maatschappelijke welvaart. De KNCV brengt dit onophoudelijk onder de aandacht in het publieke domein. Onze activiteiten bestaan, naast belangenbehartiging en de organisatie van netwerkactiviteiten, uit het bijdragen aan een juiste beeldvorming over chemie door te zorgen voor een accurate en juiste berichtgeving over chemie.

In de moleculaire sector werken verantwoordelijke en nieuwsgierige mensen, die producten willen ontwikkelen en maken die ertoe doen.

Samen vormen we de KNCV.


Kijk op voor meer informatie en onze speciale actie.