The 23rd Board of Study Association LIFE

f.l.t.r. Marjolein Willems, Demi van den Blink, Martijn van der Zwet, Linda Li, Rolf Corstjens, Job Deen

The twenty-third board of study association LIFE (S.A. LIFE) of the academic year 2019/2020 consists of the people six listed below. The name of our board is PRIME. Just like a primer, which is the starting point for DNA replication, we strive to be the foundation which keeps all strands of our association together and build on great things. We will work hard to maintain and improve the diverse career, educative and social activities that S.A. LIFE organizes for her members. LIFE is the association by students of Life Science & Technology for students of Life Science & Technology. We are a close-knit community in which students can develop themselves in different fields. Just like the friendships which are formed in our community, the skills our members learn are valuable for life.


Linda Li : Chairwoman

As Chairwoman I am the official spokesman of the study association. It is my responsibility and honor to ensure that the association functions well. To do that together with this team is a real-life pleasure. I strive to maintain and improve the quality of the many career, educative and social activities that S.A. LIFE organises. This year will be extra festive, since S.A. LIFE celebrates her fourth lustrum in 2019-2020!


Martijn van der Zwet : Secretary

As fulltime Board member of Study Association LIFE in the academic year 2019-2020, it is an honor to introduce myself as Secretary. As Secretary I am responsible for both the internal and external communication, in this way I am the general contact of S.A. LIFE for LIFE-members and other individuals. Besides communication I manage the database and ensure our privacy statement is always maintained within the AVG. Established at both Delft University of Technology and Leiden University, my goal is to facilitate a proper study environment for the students Life Science & Technology. All in all, I am really excited to run our Study Association in the best of my capabilities and making our fourth lustrum fantastic!


Rolf Corstjens : Treasurer

It is an honor to be able to say that this year I am the Treasurer of S.A. LIFE. As a Treasurer I will be responsible for all financial affairs of the association. This means that I will keep track of all transactions and due payments. In addition to these daily tasks, I am committed to implementing increased automation in the association. Furthermore, within S.A. LIFE we are blessed with three wonderful disputes, for which I am responsible this year. My goal is to make the disputes reach new heights, in order to bring together the annual layers within LIFE even more. All in all, I am really looking forward to making the fourth lustrum the best lustrum so far!


Demi van den Blink : Commissioner of Education Bachelor

As Commissioner of Education Bachelor I will be closely involved in the education of the study. I am the first point of contact for our students for comments as well as improvements regarding the education of our bachelor program. Besides my tasks concerning education, I also take care of the internal affairs. This includes being responsible for the internal communication regarding committees and all the cases concerning our committee related events. This year I will create more focus on our confidential advisers from within our study association and strive for a transparent environment. I will be directly involved in organising various lustrum activities with our lustrum committee and in this way will, with my other Board members, contribute to a fantastic fourth lustrum!


Job Deen : Commissioner of Education Master

This year, the Commissioner of Education will be divided into a Commissioner of Bachelor Education and Commissioner of Master Education. I am proud to say that I am the first Commissioner of Master Education. I stay in contact with all the master students of both masters, the Leiden and the Delft master. I am also the bridge between the master students and the education team and the teachers. Besides my tasks concerning education, I also take care of the Alumni. Our study association is growing as well as our Alumni. Alumni are an important group for us, since they can coach, and inspire master student about their career path. We also have an alumni committee which organizes activities for our Alumni.


Marjolein Willems : Commissioner of External Affairs

As Commissioner of External Affairs, I am always looking for new contacts. I am responsible for the acquisition of our study association, organization of career events and supervising fund applications. This way, the students from Life Science & Technology get acquainted with future career possibilities in our field. This year I will be committed to collecting a large variety of companies in order to provide challenging and suitable internships and job offers for our students. By organizing different career events we promote the development of our students and broaden their future perspective.