Since the study Life Science & Technology was founded, a lot of students have graduated with their master’s degree. The number of alumni increases as time goes by. Graduated Life Science & Technology students become alumni of LIFE automatically and it won’t cost you a thing. Currently S.A. LIFE has approximately 580 alumni.

S.A. LIFE has many great committees for her current members, but also for her alumni there is a committee e.g. LIFE Goes On! This committee, consisting of four alumni and one current master student, takes care of the involvement of the alumni with each other, the association, study and both the universities. LIFE Goes On organizes alumni drinks every third Friday of September.Every year a career event is organized by the LGO where alumni talk about their career for the current master students. Make sure to check this site again soon for the date of the next career event. For more information about the activities organized by LIFE Goes On you can send an email to

As an alumnus you’ll receive a newsletter twice a year so you are kept up-to-date about the activities organized by LIFE Goes On. Make sure you won’t miss anything and keep your personal data up-to-date by sending an email to As an alumnus you can receive the Vision of LIFE four times a year and/or receive the yearbook once a year if you are a benefactor of S.A. LIFE. Are you interested in becoming a benefactor? Send an email to

You can also be kept up-to-date via our Facebook and LinkedIn pages.